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Prices and Policy

How much?

  1. Pay as you go with booking - £7 paid by cash on-site or by bank transfer before class starts.

  2. The 10 class pass (for the term) - £55 now (instead of £63), non-refundable, valid for 12 weeks, includes 1 FREE CLASS.

  3.  The 5 class pass - £30 now (instead of £35), non-refundable, valid for 6 weeks.

  4. Bulk booking - £7 per person per class. Buying certain calendar dates in a month that suits you and your life-style. If the class pass is not your cup of tea, you can book and buy certain dates in advance. It may be better for those who have a certain kind of fitness and strength or do sports and mainly looking for the relaxation and meditation part of my classes but cannot come more time in a row. Please consider that my classes are built to go through a progression with the asanas.

Please read additional information in the section: Refunds. (click)

How to book?


Please always let me know the period or class or dates you chose. Even if you want to come only to give a try. I DO NOT have drop in classes as I have given number of places to book.

There are several ways to contact me to find the most suitable for you yourself:

  1. Via website: click here

  2. Via Facebook message? click here

  3. Via text to mobile: 07903 846 165

How to pay?


After finding the best option to visit my classes please contact me for booking and for payment.

Pay as you go option with booking also can be paid by bank transfer if you are not bothered using cash on-site but I have to receive your payment before the class.

The 10 class pass, 5 class pass and bulk booking need to be paid before starting your yoga class by bank transfer. Please contact me for bank details via website by clicking here.



Please make your cancellation 1 day before your class until 1 pm (or earlier if you know you cannot come). I have given number of places to fill up. You can do it:

  1. Via website: click here

  2. Via Facebook message? click here

  3. Via text to mobile: 07903 846 165



Pay as you go option offers you to pay via banking too, so there is no fuss with bringing the cash. If you cancel your class in time (until previous day 1 pm) then you can get back your money or you can choose an another date to come. Unfortunately, I cannot send back your payment if you forget to come or canceling your class too late.

This option can be suitable for those who would like to try the class first.


For 10 class pass and 5 class pass there is no refund. Once you attended to class you have to use them up into given time period. This option is suitable for those who would like to save a little bit of money on classes and encourage themselves to come every week and make a progressionThey are valid for 1 or 2 more extra week(s) just in case you cannot come for any reason. See more details on the top, here.

Bulk booking gives you the chance to swap class days and put them simply the following week or maybe later. If you wish, you can get your money back if you cancelled your class in time (until previous day 1 pm). This is suitable for those who prefer to pay for a monthly period for example but they may miss more then 1 or 2 classes and not interested about savings. Please consider that terms are built to reach certain progression in flexibility, strength and balance.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to bring a mat?

I do encourage you to bring your own mat. If you are new to yoga and just want to give a try then I can borrow one for you but you have to let me know when you are booking your class.

Can I just drop in?

No, you have to book your class in advance as I have given number of place in the room. 

What is a term?

A term is a 10 week period. During this time we go through a certain progression.