Sense and move

Snippets from class. What to expect from this class?

I wrote a little info about the class on Instagram (CLICK for it), but I brought some more videos here too. It is mainly for those (women, in this case) who already have some experience in yoga asanas. I do give options and alternatives to make the sequence / poses more accessible and I find it important to know what to focus on in the body, but obviously, it is not a workshop-length session.

VIdeo 1- Inviting other systems into my personal practice.

Two practices will be presented in the class in November to activate the sympathetic, and then the parasympathetic nervous system in your body - as a playful practice. Today world technology and ways of social engagement encourage us to use our sympathetic system more. This is responsible for upregulation and being alert. We invite our parasympathetic system when we have a rest and allow ourselves to relax. Using both states intelligently during the day hopefully makes you feel less tired. You can invite these states consciously through certain practices (and it will not take a long time). More on this in the class.

Home observations:

Video 2- asana practice: Engaging the abdomen in Tabletop position. Do you feel the body warming up, producing heat? How your wrists are feeling in this position?

Video 3 - asana practice: Rotating the upper arm (usually) slightly outward in Half Downward Facing Dog pose and drawing the shoulder blades toward the side of the body helps to align the arms.

Think of the hands, wrists, lower arm and upper arm and shoulders like a chain while performing. One element moves the others. Do you feel any difference when you press your thumbs and index fingers down on the mat? Is that okay for your shoulders? (If you can sense any pain, stop. If you have tight shoulders, probably you will not find these cues comfortable in your body.)

Video 4- You can do Half Downward Dog instead of Three Leggy Dog. You can do a Low Lunge instead of a High Lunge when you have a lower energy level.

Every day is different- especially for women. We go through different hormonal cycles and life phases that affect our energy levels. We have to learn to listen to our bodies needs.

Not sure, but if there is anything I forget to mention... Let me know if you have questions via the form here: CLICK.