By booking a class, private or event (like workshops, retreats etc.) with Shushuka Yoga (with Suzie) you are entering into a contract which has the following conditions.

All classes and workshops must be prepaid to secure your place!


Before you join any of the classes offered by Shushuka Yoga, please take the time to ensure you are practising in a SAFE ENVIRONMENT with plenty of clear space around you. You know your body best and are therefore responsible for ensuring that you LOOK AFTER YOURSELF by adapting and modifying postures according to your range of movement,and feel unwell physically, mentally or emotionally. The teacher will NOT BE ABLE to see you at all times or guide you individually, so please, stay as present as possible and follow your inner teacher.

Please be aware that you practice yoga by livestreaming at your own risk and no liability will arise on the part of Shushuka Yoga. If you have any concerns during practice, please stop immediately and advise the teacher.

If you have any concerns before or after, please feel free to contact Shushuka Yoga by email. 

All bookings are NONREFUNDABLE.

Early CANCELLATIONS (up to 12 hours before start of class). You can cancel class bookings up to 12 hours in advance ONLY ONLINE and it will credited back to you.


LATE CANCELLATIONS within 12 hours of the start of class will not be credited or refunded.

Block classes (MONTHLY PASSES, CLASS PASSES) can be used for 6 weeks from the date of purchase. After six weeks, you will NOT be able to re-schedule your class, or it will be cancelled by the admin.

If Shushuka Yoga is unable to hold the class, you will be notified via email. In this case you will be credited or refunded.


If you want to freeze your account due to injuries, medical issues or pregnancy and you want to keep your block classes, or coupons before due date of expiry, please contact shushukayoga@gmail.com . I will require a letter from your doctor to freeze account for an agreed period of time.


Block classes (MONTHLY PASSES, CLASS PASSES, COURSES) can be used for 6 weeks from the date of purchase. (Passes usually includes 4 or 5 sessions.)

You can send the amount of the course via online banking, or PAY PAL, but there is NO CASH handling on site.

I will provide the details for you. (Please note, that I do NOT ask your money or bank card details via phone, nor your security codes! I will send confirmation of payment after transaction.)

If Shushuka Yoga / Suzie is unable to hold the class, you will be notified via email. In this case you will be credited or refunded.

NO refund if:

* if you just simply change your mind after the course starts.

* in case of injury, but you don`t provide a short note from your doctor.

If you change your mind after the deadline, which is usually 1 week prior the course date, but before the course starts, I can refund only 50% of the whole price (Exeption may can happen if you transfer your whole pass to someone you know, but it is essental to discuss it with me -, or the deadline is extended as an offer.)


* Please, fill your health questionner prior course, this is for your safety. I will provide it to you.

* BRING YOUR OWN MAT. This is for hygiene reasons.



I will provide yoga blocks that will be sanitised for every class.

Yoga traps (belts) and blankets also will be available in a bag, but use them for your own responsibility. They will be quarantined from session to session anyway.